Below is a list of additional services we offer which are not listed in other areas of our web site.


This is the required information needed to wire funds to Iron County Community Credit Union from another financial institution:

  1. Wire funds to: Corporate Central Credit Union, 6262 South Lowell Place, Muskego, WI 53150-3062.
  2. ABA number 275-082-866
  3. Further credit Iron County Community Credit Union, account number 291-580-504
  4. Final credit, your account number and name.
  5. The incoming wire fee is $15.00.

We will need the following information to wire funds from your Iron County Community Credit Union account to your other financial institution:

  1. Name and phone number of financial institution we'll be wiring the money to.
  2. Financial institution Routing/ABA number.
  3. Account number at your other financial institution.
  4. Name on account at your other financial institution.
  5. Amount to wire.

Also, please be sure to contact your other financial institution for their incoming wire instructions.
Our outgoing wire fee is $20.00.

If you have any questions about the wire transfer process, please contact Iron County Community at 866-561-2842.